Key Tips to Make a WordPress Site Extremely SEO Friendly

Sundar Rawat

A bunch of steps are inevitable to make a WordPress website SEO compatible. Here is the master checklist outlined below have been made with WordPress latest version  in mind.

Being an open source blogging platform, WordPress is most popular on the web. There are more than 60 million websites and blogs running on WordPress only. The latest WP version has been downloaded 28,000,000+ times. These stats show how usable the platform is.

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15 Excellent Smartphone Apps for Web Designers

Sundar Rawat
Apps for Web Designers

Smart phones have become a blessing for professionals. The accelerated access to mobile Internet and have spawned a wave of opportunities for professionals including those in web designing. Designers are putting many mobile apps to good use.

With people browsing the web from smart phones, web designers need the hip to make good sites good viewable on smart phones.

Businesses want a mobile friendly site that an audience can carry with them. The criteria are utility. Here we are discussing some indispensable mobile apps that you should have on your smart phone.

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Affiliate Marketing: DOs and DON’Ts

Yogesh Raj Buliya

Everyone of you must be aware of Affiliate Marketing, Affiliate Marketing is a form of marketing based on performance & the business rewards the affiliates for bringing in additional customers on his own marketing efforts. The term first came into existence when Amazon launched the affiliate program which still exists.

It is like somebody is drop by to you & say, HEY…!!! I WILL GIVE YOU NEW LEADS, WOULD YOU MIND THAT? And your expression is like -

O' Really...???

I am just sharing my thoughts on what could be the DOs & DON’T’s to affiliate marketing especially in the year 2014.

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How to Write a Meta Description for Maximum Clicks

Miraj Gazi
meta description

What are the Meta Descriptions and its purpose?
The meta descriptions are the phrases that will appear under every title in the search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo etc. It plays an important role to drive more traffic to your website by maintaining a high click through rate (CTR) from the search engine result pages. So, the Meta description needs to be relevant to your targeted audience, eye catching and include a call to action to get more clicks.

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New Top Level Domains (TLDs) – Over 700 Domains on the Way to Web

Yogesh Raj Buliya

When you browse the Internet, you generally see websites with domain extensions like .com, .net, .org, .Info & .biz. & this is most likely because of the popularity of .com domains for commercial purpose. And from over 10 years we can say that .com is leading & has been one of the top domain name extension with most popularity. But, the new domain extensions list has been approved and launched!

The  has developed a New Top-Level Domain program, which would allow new TLDs into the Internet’s addressing system.  Few companies like and are offering pre-registration for available TLDs like .estate, .ventures etc. and few TLDs are not available but would be available soon.

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How to add Twitter and Google Plus Sharing Option in FeedBurner’s FeedFlare Section

Sundar Rawat

FeedBurner is popular feed and subscriber management tool which is available free to integrate and customize according to your needs.  Plenty of FeedBurner features give full control on your feed and subscribers. And, FeedBurner FeedFlare helps to increase more engagement to your blog/website by adding some social sharing options in the feed and email notification.

This blog post is all about using FeedBurner FeedFlare for customising share options. Few sharing options are already therein, but FeedBurner does not provide Twitter and Google Plus sharing options in the default list.  This article will give a knowledge on how you can add Twitter and Google plus share options in your feed.

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Twitter’s New Design: Do They Appeal?

Sundar Rawat
Twitter New Design

There are a huge number of people at the global who are in some or other way addicted of using twitter at a daily basis. Since the networking website has such a huge user base; any alteration and modification in it affects a lot of people. And, there has been a news regarding the changes in the appearance of the twitter.

News is that the founders of the twitter are planning to redesign its appearances which will be much similar to those of Google+ and Facebook. Change is the rule of the nature; but when it comes to people’s addiction and habits; it may yield some disastrous results.

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8 Most Effective Tips to Design A Website Homepage

Sundar Rawat

How should I design my website homepage? This question bothers while getting a website designed always. We all know, it represents our online face and value so, we need to understand what we want from visitors when they land on website homepage.

Primarily, it should be more targeted to visitors and you need to understand what they are looking for.  We have noticed that people are hungry for information and services but in a hurry and they want everything quick and easy. So, understanding users’ behaviour is now very important if you really want good response from your website.

We have taken out some points after a research; which may be fruitful to keep in mind while designing your website  homepage.

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Amazing Facts about Global Internet Users (with figures)

Yogesh Raj Buliya

Do you know how many internet users are there all over the world? Which country has the highest internet audience? And  do you know, why inbound marketers are following Facebook to generate online business? Are you interested in knowing these facts? Below are some interesting facts about internet world, which are really fruitful to organise your internet marketing strategy.

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4 Effective Ways To Improve Your WordPress Functionality


As a blogger, you should always focus on finding effective ways to improve your website functionality.  First you must answer how important is your website? If your website is vital to the success of your business, then you need to work on the functionality.  Is your site accessible and search engine friendly? Do you need to improve your website speed? And so on.

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