Amazing Facts about Global Internet Users (with figures)

Yogesh Raj Buliya

Do you know how many internet users are there all over the world? Which country has the highest internet audience? And  do you know, why inbound marketers are following Facebook to generate online business? Are you interested in knowing these facts? Below are some interesting facts about internet world, which are really fruitful to organise your internet marketing strategy.

1. China has the highest internet users

World’s total population is 7.1 Billion & 39%, i.e. almost 2.8 Billion peoples are internet savvy. China is having the highest internet users among the top 10 internet savvy countries. And when it comes to penetration, UK stands top among them with 87%.

2. Countries with highest internet traffic

Source –

And, according to a news in Business Standard – China covers 8% of all internet users in the world, India stands at number three & upon recent sources India might cross 300 million internet users by 2014.

3. Domain Theory at Country Level

United States has the highest domains registered dated 12/30/13 and nobody is close to ever beat US.

These numbers includes sub-domains as well.

Source – (if doesn’t work, please check the cached text version)

And according to a news in This Day Live – Nigerians doesn’t showed interest at Country level domains, but the good news is that NiRA Plans 100,000 Free Domain Names for Nigerians in 2014, probably will have good numbers in 2014.

4. Social Behavior: Facebook Reach

You might be curious to know how the top countries are doing in social behavior. This is how I came up with country wise Facebook Reach –

And surprisingly, the country with highest internet users has the lowest Facebook audience. If we talk about Social Media Optimization, Facebook comes at the top having vast audience, the biggest marketing channel, helps a lot in promotion & branding. Seems like China is quite happy without Facebook… :)

5. .COM TLD is the most popular

China has the highest % share of .com domains of the registered TLDs :

Total .com Domains are 103,631,763 & US covers 59.3% of .com domains. Means the highest .com web properties are associated to US & nobody seems closer to US.

Source –
(if doesn’t work, please check the cached text version)

So, what are your thoughts upon the analysis? What do you feel, what will happen in 2014. Which country will be in the Limelight of internet world for 2014?

And, these above statics may help you to organise your location based marketing strategy as well. Please do share your feedback as I  am open for a healthy discussion.

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Yogesh Raj Buliya

About Yogesh Raj Buliya

After completion of my BE (Computer Science) in the year 2009. I started my career with as a Data Analyst. There I explored myself in the field of Analytics & performed many operational tasks in SAS & SPSS, afiliate Marketing, SEO & SEM. Currently I am working as Inbound marketer with new strategies in marketing rather than following the traditional methods.

  • Amaya Bell

    Interesting FACTS. This is going to help internet marketers to choose the right channels for targeting right audience. +1 to you ‘Yogesh’.

    I would be great if you can put some insight over Mobile Users around the world and region wise. That also will help many mobile marketers.

    • ryogesh88

      Thanks Amaya for the compliment… :)
      Good point about mobile users as mobile market will be continue to grow in 2014, will be an important vertical for SEO & the current number of users are already in big numbers -
      91% of American adults own a mobile phone
      56% of American adults own a smartphone
      63% of mobile phone owners use their phones to access the internet – VERY IMPORTANT
      Amazon, Wikipedia & Facebook all see about 20% mobile traffic – VERY IMPORTANT
      77% of mobile searches take place at home of at work.
      Source –

      You gave me a good piece of topic for my next writing… :)

  • sumit dadhich

    Really Interesting facts and figures. Looking forward for next post that can help new comer like me in SEO/SEM.